The wineries and oil mills of Garda

This land extending around lake Garda, from the mountains to the north to the Morainic hills heading south, has the ideal climatic conditions to grow olive trees and vineyards and the production of the famous Garda oil, Groppello and Chiaretto wine. You will come across numerous oil mills, small mills and cellars while crossing the roads along the SS Gardesana west and the Valtenesi where you can stop for a visit, wine tasting and purchase products typical of the Garda. The culinary tradition of the lake restaurants and farms offer the possibility to taste the typical local dishes from the lake: whitefish, pike, Sardinian aole (shredded and dried bleak fishes) made with simple and traditional recipes. Heading toward the upper Garda region, you will come across the ancient lemon farms, once renowned for the production of citrus fruit and climbing toward the mountains surrounding the lake, you can stop in the small villages to enjoy the mountain products such as salami and local cheeses.