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Baia Holiday Camping Village, always attentive to the customers needs, offers high quality accommodations, a wide choice of campsites and villages in Italy and Croatia and perfect holiday solutions for families and young people. The professional and polite staff and the high-quality mobile homes are combined with the artistic, historical, cultural and natural beauty of the areas in which the Camping Villages are located.

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Discover Baia Holiday!

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If you need help to plan your holiday, contact the Baia Holiday booking center operators. You will find answers, practical advices and all the information you need.

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Monday to Saturday from 9.00 am to 19.00

+39 0365 520 682


Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 18.00.

+49 (0)89 548 816 77


Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 18.00

+43 (0)4242 20 61 010


Monday to Friday from 9.00 am to 17.00.
Saturday from 9.00 am to 12.00

+48 (0)22 62 00 834

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Slow Market, bistrot and winery

Come and discover all the taste of the Garda Lake

Home All services TASTE OF GARDA
Concept Village Piccola Gardiola

Slow Market
Olive oil, citrus like cedars and lemons and lake fish, without forgetting the products offered by the adjacent mountains. Itineraries, products, aromas and flavors to be discovered in the new slow market, on a journey through the treasures of the territory. The market, designed as the most authentic "once" offers an exclusive and unmissable enogastronomic selection.

Bistrot and winery
Tastes of grilled sardines and pike alla gardesana or local seasonal delicacies. Delicate flavors of the lake, sparkling bubbles, variety of experience and pleasures that invade the dish from the story. A terrace where you can be caressed by the rays of the sun at the time of brunch and admire the lazy sky of Garda reflected in the soft blue velvet waters, on a blue summer day. We are waiting for you at the new tasting area, bistro and winery at Piccola Gardiola.

Ancient and superb limonaie made in stone, perched for centuries on the rugged coastline that from Limone del Garda slide down to Toscolano, overlooking the lake and protecting citrus from sparkling essences. The territory of the Brescia side of Lake Garda is rich and multifaceted and alternates valleys with mountains, freshwater skies, villages and villas and secret gardens, almost without taking breath. From mountain pastures to olive groves, Benaco's gastronomic identity has its roots in the ancient peasant identity. Gastronomy, today, the heritage and excellence of Garda. The enhancement of the best raw materials offers a show of flavors and colors unique throughout Europe. Lemons, citrus fruits, distillates, typical pastries. A peculiar fish treasure presented at the table with age-old recipes and an intense and fragrant taste.

On the generous shores of Lake Garda, seasonal fruits and vegetables abound, including figs, grapes, berries, the plums of Dro. Radicchio and asparagus, Torbole broccoli, an enjoyable cheese like Garda or from the Prealpi of Brescia comes a valuable product such as the Bagoss. The art of cured meat is not far behind, with the moraine salami of Pozzolengo and other specialties with a strong character and taste. Poor recipes that alternate with the most sophisticated, signed by renowned Michelin-starred chefs. The lands of the Via dell'Olio, from Gardone Riviera to Sirmione, offer an extra virgin olive oil with a protected designation of origin, with a persistent and slightly fruity taste, unique and unrepeatable.


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